Protek Automotive Products, Inc. designs, develops and manufactures electronic accessories principally to OEM’s. Established in June of 2001 to meet the ever growing demand for products specially geared for the off-road and recreational automobile market. The company decided to make a strategic investment in LED (light emitting diode) technology in early 2002. This has produced products for local traffic industry and introduced new decorative lighting innovations.

Protek Automotive Products Inc. humble beginnings can be traced to MME Products established in the 1980’s in California, USA. Fulfilling the need for standardized electrical interfaces for Automobiles, RV’s and Trailers; the company began supplying various electronic interfaces to US based companies. Two prominent customers are U-Haul/Draw-tite Inc. and Hidden Hitch, a Canada based company.

The company expanded its manufacturing operations through the use of subcontractors in the Philippines, Hong Kong and Thailand in 1986. In 1999, the company decided to consolidate all its manufacturing operations in the Philippines because of the favorable investment incentives offered by the government. It was registered under the new name Protek Automotive Products Inc. to better reflect its product base.

The company has grown from 20 to over 140 full-time employees since its inception in early 2000. Its ability to draw from a large pool of highly skilled workforce around the area has allowed it to manage its human resources during the cyclical nature of the business.

The company has been granted a number of patents for its innovative approach to automobile interfaces. It also is applying for patents on unique lighting applications using LED (light emitting diode) technology.

To meet the USA standard for safety, it uses UL approved materials from its suppliers, such as adapters, wires, connectors, and others.

Internally, Protek Automotive Products Inc. will embark on an ISO certification program to standardize its quality with the rest of the manufacturing community. Being a member of the Philippine Exports, it provides an important access to export oriented buyers who visit the country to attend its sponsored fairs and exhibits throughout the year.

Product Demand

Protek electrical interfaces products for Automobiles, Recreational Vehicles and Trailers can be categorized as niche products. Protek Automotive Products Inc. is the only company in the Philippines engaged in manufacturing electrical interfaces for Automobiles, RV’s and Trailers. Everybody with a car (will tow their trailers, mobile homes, boats etc.) is considered a captured market.

Supply Factors

To sustain the supply chain, new and improved products have to be introduced every year. Product innovations such as short circuit protected electrical interfaces have been offered to the market. It attracted new buyers and returning ones as well.

Currently, there is no substitute for the electrical interfaces for Automobiles, Recreational Vehicles and Trailers. If at all, it can only be new innovations or improved product specifications. Corollary to that, changes in safety regulations will possibly change the product design.